Come and Experience Our State-of-the-Art Tanning Room

Amazing Flawless Su-Do

  • High quality ingredients to nourish your skin
  • Natural looks and feel
  • Flawless and even tan
  • Dries as it applies
  • No streaking 

Do’s and Don’ts for a Perfect Tan:


  • Do lightly exfoliate your skin at least 24hrs before the treatment, especially dry areas like elbows, heels and knees
  • Don’t shower immediately before the tan as shower gel and shampoo can change your PH level and stop tan taking
  • Don’t apply and deodorant or moisturiser on the day of the tan
  • Do remove all make-up and jewellery
  • Do wear loose dark clothing to avoid staining and rubbing


  • Don’t shower or bath and avoid sweating until you can wash the tan off (6-8 hours for normal tans and 1-4 hours for rapid tans)
  • Don’t shave for at least 12hours after treatment
  • Do avoid waxing or exfoliating your skin as that will remove the tan
  • Do moisturize the skin daily for a longer lasting tan
  • Do exfoliate dry areas like feet, heels, knees and elbows lightly as the tan wears of to ensure even fading
  • Do try and ensure you tan regularly to build up a deeper tan